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5 Reasons Your Website Is Not Ranking on Google: Digital Sprout Guide!

5 Reasons Your Website Is Not Ranking on Google

At Digital Sprout, we understand that not every business has the required budget for SEO services. Small businesses and new websites often struggle to get the top rankings or even first page rankings on Google. If you have optimized your web content multiple times, but the results are still not satisfactory, the core reason must […]

Responsive Website Design for Efficient SEO Friendly Websites

Responsive Web design

In 2012, Google proclaimed its inclination towards user-friendly responsive websites, which led to an immediate influx in posts related to responsive design with SEO. The biggest challenge that online business faces these days is maintaining relevance in the eyes of the search engines especially Google. With Google reigning more than 90% of the search traffic […]

Half Of Your Customers Shop on Mobile. Are You Ready?

Responsive Web design Maryland

  If your business isn’t designed for mobile and if your customers can’t easily shop from your online store through their smartphones, you could lose half of your potential customers. The latest data is out and a real eye-opener. According to the Holiday Recap 2018 study released by Adobe in December 2018, for the first […]